The activities of IICE are highly volunteer – dependent. The commitment and talent of volunteers decide whether an initiative succeeds or fails. A sustainable initiative needs to address the continuous availability of good volunteers.

IICE also needs to strengthen its ties with government bodies and corporate entities for both financial and non-financial requirements. At the same time, it needs to network within the TRUST/NGO community to take advantage of complementary expertise.

Using  IT as an enabler and communications as a mechanism of participation, IICE has been able to build a sense of belonging and ownership with the community.
This has been very well demonstrated by the Manifesto, which has showcased how the idea can help in building social awareness, collective activism, an attitude of self help and public responsibility. Other prominent of IICE include:
1 – Public Record of Operations and Finance (PROOF) campaign; a proposed continual public audit of the operations and development activities of public authorities by setting up mini SEZ with variety of opportunity of grow Globally.
2- Media education programs aimed at sensitizing people on issues related to communal harmony.
IICE has come a long way since its inception in 1998. A few of the partners that have helped IICE in scripting this story of success include :
Abraham  Lincoln Sathi, (Director) well known for his development initiatives, heads IICE. He is assisted by a group of senior enthusiastic and talented volunteers. Some provide basic training for the disabled trust objectives. Other differentiable volunteers run the welfare with the help of people.


   Area of Activities-Intervention

Entrepreneurship Development.

Training & Technology Dissemination.

Placement services including linkages of entrepreneur with financial institution for establishing & conducting self employment.

Artisans Welfare Programme.

Providing Legal Counseling Services.

News & Communication Exchange Services.

Policy Advocacy.

Grassroot Activities.

IEC Activities.

Survey, Research & Study.

In-House & Out Side Training Programme


Preparation of Village / Block / Distt. Profile.

Other Social Welfare Activities.