About us


IICE working in the areas of community development and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society as well as keen to implement multifaceted entrepreneurship program Established in 1998, it has relied on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and media to bring social change.


Institution Of Industrial And Consumer Electronics - Dept. of Electronics IT and Social Services

All  the Members of Executive Council and Office Bearers are present as under:

Dr. Anita  Srivastava
Sri. I.P. Sharma Vice President
Ms. Renu Bala
Abraham Lincoln
Treasurer/ Director
Pragya Pandey
A.H. Mansoori
Sunil Gandhi
Dr. Muzammil Husain
S.N. Kashyap


Abraham  Lincoln Sathi, (Director), the current leader, sees the following challenges in scaling up the operations and making them sustainable to the desired levels: Personnel, Infrastructure & Finance.
The scope envisioned for develop  a business plan for the multifaceted entrepreneurship program and sketch a road map for scaling-up of the activity, in essence helping IICE build a Social Enterprise.


Ms. Renu Bala (Secretary) expressed her wishes for new financial year 2011, Secretary, addressed the members and wished for the new Successful Financial Year 2010-11. During the Last Financial year ending on 31st March, 2011 the organization has carried out several activities.


Mrs. Renu Bala, is a qualified up to PG., She has completed her education up to Post Graduation, She is a dynamic lady willing and determined to work for the poor specially for the ladies and children from any community. To make them aware of their rights and how to find out the way to the growth.

The community is suffering from the problem of land deprivation of the initial rights of the women, educational part which is not basically available for them to teach them their rights, to get rid off from superstitions, caste discrimination, un employment , child labour and migration to the different states for employment.